The Hungarian – Venezuelan Solidarity Association held a demonstration yesterday in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Hungary, Budapest regarding the issue of the two Comrades who were taken by the police in Pula, Croatia during the Mayday demonstration.

Eight organizations and parties joined our appeal for the demonstration: Democratic Network, Green Left, Hungarian Workers Party 2006, Union of Leftist Youth – Communist Youth of Hungary, ATTAC Hungary, Karl Marx Foundation, Hungarian Antifascist League, Hungarian Resistant and Antifascists Alliance. Gyula Hegyi, who is member of the European Parliament from Hungary, also joined the demonstration.

At the end of the demonstration we handed over the petition to the representative of the Embassy, who came out to us. In the petition we demanded from the Croatian government to make steps to stop the illegal actions of the Croatian police and make steps to end the anticommunist policy. We also demanded from the Croatian court to give back the historical flag which was taken away by the police. 

At the end of our demonstration one comrade was taken by the police because of wearing red star on his suit, which is already legal in Hungary after the decision of the Strasbourg court.