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About the Latin America Association
2011. október 22. szombat, 22:53

The Latin America Association started its activity almost six years ago, although it was founded officially last year, as a result of  the union of the Hungarian–Cuban and the Hungarian–Venezuelan Solidarity Association.


The Hungarian–Venezuelan Solidarity Association was founded in 2006 in order to inform the Hungarian publicity about the Venezuelan culture and the political-social processes of the Latin American country. We think it is necessary, because in Hungary, similarly to other Eastern European countries the media say nothing or just negative things about Venezuela, led by President Hugo Chávez. Therefore the main goal of our association was to introduce the Bolivarian Revolution and to refute the distorted news about the country. We saw that in Venezuela there were real revolutionary processes with the support of the great masses, and it is very special, because Venezuela is a relatively rich country, which has a great influence to the world politics, especially in Latin America. The goals of the Hungarian–Cuban Solidarity Association were very similar. The Hungarian–Cuban Solidarity Association was founded some years earlier to support the Cuban revolution in Hungary. Both associations had very good relations with the embassies of these countries.

Why we decided the union and founding a common solidarity organization, the Latin American Association? In that time when we founded the former solidarity associations, among Cuba, mainly Venezuela presented the Latin American progressive forces. Nowadays in the majority of the countries of the continent left government works, which refuse the neo-colonialist policy of the United States of America. Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and other states have joined to the progressive forces of the continent. And not only are they. Not only left governments exist, but there are left, progressive movements, parties, communities in even such countries led by right-wing government. Of course we know that these governments, parties, movements are not equally radical, but all of them accept the idea of national sovereignty and the liberation of the masses from poverty, and both refuse the influence of the United States. So, we recognize that we cannot leave this out of our consideration and we decided that we create an organization, by which we care as much country, movement etc. as we can. Of course we deal with Cuba and Venezuela in a highlighted way in future too. We keep our eyes on the construction of the socialism in Venezuela, the defence of the socialism in Cuba, the case of the five Cuban heroes imprisoned in the USA, the developing of ALBA etc.


In order to present the changes in Venezuela and the results and difficulties of the Cuban revolution in vivid colours we organize different events: lectures, screenings, celebrations, demonstrations. Our important events were a Venezuelan conference in Gödör Club in 2008, a Venezuelan festival in Tűzraktér in 2009. We participated at the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students in Caracas.

We publish documentaries and movies about Latin America with Hungarian subtitles (for example Venezuela Rising, ¡No Volverán!, Che). In this January, we celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution with the participation and the support of the embassy of Cuba. We projected the most famous Cuban movie: the Memorias del Subdesarrollo. It was a big success. Most recently we projected the documentary Montaña de Luz about the Cuban doctors in foreign countries.

We have a homepage (www.latin-amerika.hu) on which we regularly publish articles and news about Latin America. It is updated in every two-three days. Since December of 2010 it has approximately 80.000 visitors.

In last September we started an online newspaper entitled Latin America. It can be read on our homepage too. In this newspaper we publish longer analyses, articles. It is important for us to permanently compare the processes of Venezuela, Cuba and the other progressive Latin American countries and the situation of Hungary. In the newest issue of the newspaper articles were published about the congress of the Cuban Communist Party, the trial of Posada Carriles, the 200th anniversary of the independent Venezuela, the workers’ riots in Brazil, the agrarian reforms in El Salvador etc.

Budapest, 30.08.2011.